Wonder Wormin'          (Compost Worms for sale)

 With master-composting skills, FFFW can bring the wonders of worm composting to your food forest or garden.

We raise red-wigglers and have lots of experience and information to help you create your own worm-bin. The worms will do all the rest to turn your left overs and food scraps into ‘black gold’ compost!

Composting simultaneously decreases your garbage bill while improving the health of your garden, with almost no work on your part once you get it set up.
Red wigglers worms are very low maintenance!  They are surprisingly hardy and tolerant of cold, heat, and other less-than-ideal conditions.  They can live outdoors in our climate year round, and are very productive.

We sell one pound of worm bin starter, ($25) which in addition to the worms themselves, also contains some 'black gold'/compost from an already established worm bin. This means a piece of the entire ecosystem that comes in the soil including white worms, crustaceans, good fungi, spring-tails, mites, microorganisms, etc.  Much of what the worms don't care to eat, something else in the mix will.

Please note these worms DO NOT include a compost bin. You can easily create your own worm-bin container with any of the following supplies: an opaque rubber-maid container, a wooden box, a bucket or any other water resistant container with a lid.

I am a certified Alameda Master Composter and I am also available for help setting up a bin and trouble shooting any problems you may have (at my regular rate of $40 per hour)

Worms are currently available for local pick up in El Sobrante, CA.
Local Delivery in the Bay Area is also available for 50 cents per mile.
Worms are not able to be shipped at this time.