Food Forest Design

Food Forest Farm West can help you to design and install a harmonious food forest that will meet your gardening and edible pallet needs.
Perennial vegetables are not only delicious, they have the added benefit of being very low maintenance once they are established and require much less water or added amendments than traditional annual plants.

Hourly rate is $40 per hour (plus .50 cents/mile mileage, from 94803 ). Sliding-scale available for low-income clients, please contact me for details.

Just let us know your ideas and what you like to eat and we will work with your site specific conditions to create and install an ecological and tasty edible garden!

BEFORE: Front yard of FFFW Fall 2014

FFFW front yard Spring 2015 after food forest & pollinator garden install Fall of 2014. Swale at top of path SAVES so much water!!!!

Client Food Forest Install 2013

Same Client Food Forest 2014 (below too)