Garden Coaching / Chicken & Bee Consulting

In addition to doing garden maintenance for you, I am happy to do garden maintenance with you, so that you have an opportunity to learn about your own back yard eco-system, as well as how to care for your own garden in the future (if you are so inclined - I am also happy to set up a recurring maintenance schedule with you if you do not have the time or desire...)
While I can also plan and install a new food forest for you, I actually prefer to work with you through the entire process if you are able to.

Hourly rate is $40 per hour (plus 50 cents/mile mileage, from 94803). Sliding-scale available for low-income clients, please contact me for details).

If you do not need any maintenance or installation work at the moment, I can also simply go through your existing garden with you and teach you about what you have and how best to take care of it, as well as giving you some ideas on what might work well with it in the future - including potentially incorporating worm composting, live chickens, or bee hives into your existing garden.

I began raising six 2-day-old chicks in 2010, building their  home out of reclaimed and reused materials. I have moved them and rebuilt their home about four times.

I began beekeeping in Peru the summer of 2012. I am currently keeping my own carniolan bees at a local urban farm in Richmond. I work with Alan Hawkins who has been raising  bees organically in the bay area for many years.

My young girls, 2010...Sheeba, Cooper, Buttercup, and the late Chick, Dot and Spec--rest in peace.